Simple Pencil Skirt DIY

The other weekend I ran across this jersey knit skirt tutorial on Pinterest… and, I couldn’t help myself…. I had to try it. I ran off to the fabric store and purchased just over a yard of jersey knit fabric and some elastic for this experiment (total cost around $9). 
So… I DO NOT sew… just like I don’t cook. Yeah, I think people can sew some pretty amazing things… but, it’s just not my thing. Luckily… my mom knows how to do pretty much anything crafty. She helped me with pretty much all of it (and did the elastic part for me… since there’s some technique to it she wanted to teach me). I definitely recommend having a second person around to help you measure… etc. Unless you already have a skirt you love and can just get measurements from. 🙂
Overall: I’m SUPER happy with the results! It’s actually a super cute skirt! And, it really is very simple. I pretty much just made a tube out of the material and added elastic. I think next time I’d like to make the bottom of the skirt skinnier for a more pencil skirt look. 😀
Look… me sewing!

I LOVE to know when my sweet readers try out my experiments too! Let me know if you tried this out in the comments below!

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  • Hillary kwiatkowski on said:

    I have not tried this yet, but i will!

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