Braid Crown hair tutorial.

– 1-2 hair ties (I prefer the clear hair ties)
– Bobby pins (3-4)
– Hair. 😉
– So, you can start with your hair curly from the No-Heat-Curl if you want… but, not required. I often do this with my straight hair… I just had curly hair already when I took these photos. 🙂
– I start the braid from my bangs and up against the part in my hair. Start braiding your hair… grabbing pieces around the “crown” of your head as you go to hold up the braid and add more hair. I grab a strand of hair every couple of braids.
– Continue braiding along the “crown” of your head… back around to the front of your head (where you started).
– When my braid reaches other side of the part of my hair (from where I started) I finish braiding the hair and tie it off with a hair tie.
– Tuck the “tail” of your braid under the beginning section of the braid crown, and pin it.
– AND… you’re done! That’s it. I hope these directions make sense for you. Pretty much: practice! I braid my hair so much it has just become so easy.
Please let me know if you try this hair tutorial! I love seeing my readers trying out my hair experiments. 😀


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