50 DIY days of Christmas!!!

I hope you all enjoyed my 50 DIY Days of Christmas! I certainly enjoyed sharing everything! Even though I’m terrible with math and miscalculated the time between my start date and Christmas… BUT, 45 days was still fun! Did you miss a post? Here you go:

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day 4day 5day 6

day 7day 8day 9

day 10day 11day 12

day 13day 14day 15

day 16day 17day 18

day 19day 20day 21

day 22day 23day 24

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day 28day 29day 30

day 31day 32day 33

day 34day 35day 36

day 37day 38day 39

day 40day 41day 42

day 43day 44day 45


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