Day 5: Stained Glass Cookies Recipe

Stained Glass Cookies

Day 5: I remember seeing these fun stained glass sugar cookies, from Martha Stewart, on the Today show a couple years ago. They looked so sweet I wanted to give it a try myself! These little cookies are the perfect/inexpensive gift! I also included a link to download some of my free gift tags below! Here’s the recipe I followed.

Stained Glass Cookies
Supplies needed for the Stained Glass Cookies Gift:
  • Martha Stewart’s Stained Glass Cookie recipe
  • Cookie cutters (all different sizes).
  • Jolly ranchers
  • Plastic sleeves or a tin to gift wrap them in.
  • Yarn.
  • My For You Jar labels printout. (See image below)
 Stained Glass Cookies
A little tip: So, we crushed up the jolly ranchers before we rolled out the dough and cut the cookies. By the time I got to the jolly ranchers they had soaked up the moisture in the air and glued themselves together (hard to work with). Maybe crush them up last minute and make sure they are crushed VERY fine.

– Chelsey

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