Who did it? Who designed my blog?

Yup… you probably know him from around the bloggy world. Mr. Don. AKA: Adeline’s Daddy. I would like to take a moment of my time to brag about him. He’s so talented and I’m very happy with my blog! So Don is:
– Patient: I may or may not be a crazy indecisive customer that cannot make up her mind…. hee.
– VERY talented. I mean really… look around my blog!
– Ummm… he also fixed some things on my blog that I ruined after his lovely blog design… heh heh… whoops! 
– He knows all that html/css blahbity hoo blah. I only understand the basics of html and couldn’t take my designing skills past a banner and button. 
– His kid is adorable. 
– His wife is super sweet. 
– He’s pretty nice too.

Examples of  his amazing work:

{Adeline’s Daddy}

{Local Honey Baby}

AND…. of course my blog. Have a look around! Make yourself at home. Grab a glass of wine.
So, please: send Don an email if you’re interested in some blog design! AND, if you feel like his whole design package is a little out of your price range for the moment… he can work out a smaller package for you. OR, a la carte options. 🙂 Check him out!
And…. another little reminder: Get your PNW Blogger Meetup tickets now before they sell out! Check out more details right here: PNW Blogger Meetup.


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