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Hello! Another hair tutorial! I call it the Day to Night hair… Wear a cute sock bun style for the day… pull it out for a little wave in your hair at night! SO, originally I found this tutorial for a sock bun no heat curl by a lovely lady on YouTube. BUT, she likes to sleep in her sock bun overnight. I like to wear it during the day! Why not? It’s so freakin’ cute! I’ve been wearing it like this all week! You can wear it messy like the photo above. OR, brush it out before you put it in the hair tie so it’s smooth and neat… like the photos below.

So, not even kidding…. the Day to Night hair takes no time AT all. Well…. it takes a day. BUT, the setup time: super short. ;D

What you’ll need:
– Hair tie
– A sock (preferably a clean one ;D). Cut the toe of the sock off so it’s like a tube. You’ll be rolling this into a doughnut shape to give your bun volume!
– Long-ish hair. My hair is pretty long at the moment, so I think that helps. Tips for shorter hair: possibly use a smaller section of sock…. cut it in half perhaps? Let me know how it works!
Wake up… take a shower (you know you need one).
– Optional: use your choice of hair gel and run it through your wet hair. I need this because my super straight hair doesn’t hold curls very well.
– Let your hair almost dry… still a little wet (if you need more moisture use a water spray bottle to get some more moisture in your hair). BUT, it should be mostly dry.
– So, instead of trying to explain exactly how to get your hair up in this sock bun… just follow the video tutorial below. It should explain it all.
By the end of the day…. at night… you can take your sock bun out and your hair should be wavy! For me: it’s a VERY light wave. Like I said… my hair is SUPER straight and knows it. BUT, I do love the volume it gives my hair (hard to come by with my hair). I usually take 2 bobby pins and just pull half of my hair up into a little bump at the back of my head. It’s cute.



 I hope you enjoy! if you try this style out… Let me know in the comments below! 😀

Who’s tried it? Hella Kids, Soul Singing Liv, and…

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  • ashley on said:

    how do you get it so tight and neat looking like in ur pictures?

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Adding a bit of hair spray to my hair BEFORE I put it up can help. 🙂

  • Kim on said:

    I have a lot of layers in my hair and they dont like to stay in the sock. Any tips?

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Hmmm… Maybe bobby pins? I haven't had layers for quite a while.

  • Kim R on said:

    For shorter hair (I have shoulder length), I used one of my daughter's socks (medium kids size) and rolled it up. It is a smaller sock doughnut, but does the trick to keep the hair in place!

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