Wordless{ish} Wednesday: BlogHer 11.

BlogHer was amazing. Yes, it’s insanely busy… you’re always scheduled to do something… BUT, it’s worth it. I learned quite a bit at the sessions I did attend… but, the best thing about this conference is being around all of these bloggers! It was so great to be able to talk about my blog without getting the, “yeah, I know you blog already” look. The bloggers were my favorite part of the whole conference. Loved it. Seriously… these bloggers are CA-razay! In a good way…. of course. 😉

 Ummm…. and, here are my millions of iPhone pics I took. 😀 Linking up with Amy of course. 😀

AND… because this post should just be longer…. This is how we kicked off BlogHer ’11:

I have more to share about what I’d do different next year… and what I’ve learned (because I know you want to know…). For now… just a few highlights and dislikes.
– The bloggers.
– The sessions.
– Hand-dipped Dove bar.
– The session with Gluten Free Girl.
– Seriously… all the bloggers I met. The BEST thing.
– The first day in San Diego. So fun.
Clever Girls Party.
– My roomies.
– Your mom. Just kidding… just checking to see if you were still paying attention. 😉
– Day drinking… I know… But, it was fun.
– The first day’s breakfast…. hash browns… bacon… WTF? Yes. AMAZING.

– Lack of sleep.
– Missing my baby.
– Not being able to clone myself to be two places at one time.
– missing my baby.
– Thinking it was a good idea to fly out at 6:30 am on Sunday morning… wha? Yeah… 3 hours of sleep. 
– Lack of sleep.
– The second day’s breakfast…. oatmeal… bagels… fruit… meh.
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