Simple Twist – Cascade Braid hair tutorial

The simple twist 2-piece-braid! It truly is simple! So much easier than trying to do a three piece braid… I do this hair style probably 3 times a week… It gets my hair out of my face… BUT, it’s still looking cute! Yeah!
SOoooo…. the Simple Twist – Cascade Braid… hopefully I easily explain this for all of you. It’s SO freakin’ simple… It will look lovely with many types of hair! Ok… here we go…
1. Starting from the bangs…. grab two chunks of hair at the bangs and twist the bottom piece over the top piece.
2. Grab another small piece of hair and add it to the bottom chunk and twist the bottom piece over the top piece. ANNNDDD repeat. Basically your only picking up and adding hair from the bottom piece and twisting over the top.
3. Continue the Simple Twist braid to the opposite back side of your head. From there I pick up one more piece of hair and turn it into a normal 3-piece braid and braid down to the end of my hair and tie off with a tiny clear hair band.
4. That’s all! It’s super simple! Seriously so awesome.


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