Pacific Northwest Blogger’s Meetup!

I’m here to share more details about the PNW Blogger Meetup on September 17th. We were pleasantly surprised by the response and interest to our original announcement of the event! We had no idea so many people would love to join us!
First up, the daytime event! This part will be open to all bloggers and their families. We’d love to meet you and your significant others and kiddos. More details on Thursday. Things you may want to bring: blankets, snacks/lunch, water bottles/something to drink, and umbrella (just in case! we will be in Seattle….) and even camping chairs if you’d like. It will be a fun and casual and free event where we can all just mingle, kids can play and get to know each other. No need for a formal RSVP, but we hope you all can make it!
The nighttime event! because of the overwhelming response we got about the meet up, there will be limited tickets available to the dinner portion of the evening. this means, unfortunately, that spouses, friends, significant others, and kiddos must be left out (sad, I know.) so we can make sure any bloggers who want to can come. As we grow and learn from this first experience (please go easy on us!) we can hopefully include them next year (or whenever we get brave enough to do this again). But for this time, bloggers only for the night time event. There will be 60 tickets available starting this Thursday morning (August 18th) at 7am PST for purchase at Opal. So, if you want to join us… we recommend you buy your ticket ASAP when it’s up and for sale. The ticket price will be $22 and includes food, a photobooth experience and awesomeness. Drinks will be available for purchase separate from the ticket price. 🙂
SO… remember to come back here Thursday! I will have a open link to the shop, Opal and just a few more details about the event!


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