Hangin’ with my sister.

My sister, Nicole, has been home from New Zealand for about 3 weeks now. I seriously have had ZERO time to even blog about it, I have mentioned it on twitter here and there, but mostly: I don’t think I’ve really said anything about it on my blog. 

My sister has been living in New Zealand with her now fiance for a few years now. Even though I know she has been living there to be with her man… I still miss her… and, I can’t wait for the day when she can move back! Even if it’s not to Oregon… just for her to be in the states and not 24 million hours away from me…. 

Next year her and her fiance get married… in Oregon. From there… I know we will be just a little closer to her living here…. But, for now…. I will need to wait. Impatiently. Bah!

Dress: thrift, Earrings: f21, Sunglasses: my sister’s, Shoes: Ross, Drink: iced tea from Starbucks.
Dress: somewhere from New Zealand I’m sure…, Sunglasses: those are mine… thrifted, Shoes: some weird New Zealand shop… ;D
Shirt: New Zealand?, Pants: New Zealand?, Sunglasses: found in New Zealand.

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