Wordless{ish} Wednesday: My Grandpa’s Funeral.

{Last week my family and I celebrated my grandpa’s life. He passed away a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t a shock… he’s been sick for some time. He was a veteran of World War II… so, it was a veterans funeral… I’ve never been to one. It was actually very beautiful. They did the 3 salute shot, the flag folding, and the very sweet/sad funeral trumpet song for him.}
{The trumpet song was so beautiful I immediately started crying. Not just for my grandpa and his kids (my uncles and mom), but for all the soldiers that lose their lives in battle… I spotted a few young women in the cemetery with their young children… I’m tearing up right now just thinking of losing your husband so young. I couldn’t even imagine.}
{I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to take photos… but, then I realized this was a moment to remember. My great uncles (my grandpa’s 3 brother’s) aren’t together very often… at all. And, we barely get to see them. I know my future generations will appreciate these photos… just as I appreciate the photos my family took before I was born so I could see my past family!}

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{This cemetery was gorgeous! Wildlife everywhere… so well kept and loved. AND, my baby butt, Ruari, was there. 😀 She wont remember her grandpa… but, she’ll have the photos to see she went to his funeral to celebrate is life.}

{And, one more thing… my brother carried my pretty purse/diaper bag the entire time we were there! That’s like 2 hours! What a good brother. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the photos I took of him. ;D}

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