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Have you heard of the Clever Girls Collective? You haven’t? Well, you should know them. These ladies connect bloggers… like you and me… to the big brands. Sponsored posts. Twitter parties. Ummm…. BlogHer parties (wow, can’t wait for that)!
I’ve mentioned them a couple times here and there on my blog. I joined up with them…. hmmm, maybe a year ago? I was looking for some way to connect with companies to make a bit of money on the blog… without looking too sponsored… you know what I mean? Well, I found these ladies. They connect us to companies we wouldn’t normally have an option to work with and in return… we write a sponsored post. The fantastic thing about the Clever Girls sponsored posts: They give you a theme and you write and talk about what you want to… following the provided theme. I like to have complete control over my blog. I don’t want to throw a bunch of words and sentences up that I didn’t write… like a big giant ad. I get to write what I want… share what photos I want. It’s a beautiful relationship! 
If you’re looking for a great connection to companies… check out the Clever Girls (for guys too by the way)… Seriously. Let them know I sent ya! They are a huge reason why I’m making it to BlogHer. They partially sponsored me and 8 other blogs to go! Thank you!

Amanda from Chasing Twins in Louboutins (which, is an amazing talent by the way… I can barely walk in heels these days!) is another one of my lovely BlogHer sponsors! 
She is the mama to the cutest freakin’ twins! Super stylish! Super sweet! And, hey: she’s a Clever Girl too! 🙂 Please, visit her. Thank her for the amazing BlogHer support she gave me! 😀

Mr. Don. Yes, Don of Adeline’s Daddy is another BlogHer sponsor. This amazing talented daddy is the creator of my new lovely blog layout! Say hi to my new layout ::waving::! I loved working with him. BUT, that’s a whole other post I’m working on… you’ll see all the reasons and MORE why I recommend him for your blog makeover! Thank you Don!!!!!!!!!!! ! !            !

I ALSO wanted to thank these ladies for their help getting me to BlogHer:


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