Ok, 1/2 off!

So…. since today is July 31st and all my ad spots are filled up for the month of August… except one little lonely spot: The extra large spot! Since it’s the last day of the month and I feel like it… I’m going to offer the extra large ad spot to someone for 50% off. 😀 Yeah! 
BUT, you have to email me quick. I’m not sure how fast it will go… 50% off is $32.50. That’s a pretty great deal (oh, and since it’s already an awesome deal… I can’t combine that discount with any others). So, please email me if you’re interested. Thanks! Email: [email protected]

  • A 200 wide x 250 high ad + a personal extra large sponsor post just for you (this extra large ad will be at the top of the sponsor list): $65/month $32.50 for August 2011! NOTE: I only have 1 extra large ad space available each month.


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