GIVEAWAY: Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug {CLOSED}

So, do you guys all remember Ruari’s fun Wheely Bug bumble bee toy from Prince Lionheart? Well… now it’s time for you to win one for your little baby boo head! I have a Wheely Bug Ladybug (size large) for one lucky winner!

What can you win?

A Wheely Bug Ladybug (size large) from Prince Lionheart!

How do you win? Please follow these steps… AND make sure I have a way to contact you through e-mail. If I don’t… I’ll have to delete the entry… 🙁

Mandatory entry:
1) Reader must sign-up for monthly newsletter by completing form here: Prince Lionheart.
Note: We do not spam, nor disclose any information to other businesses. We also conform to a 1 email per month rule so as not to inundate our consumers. On certain occasions, though rare, we may send out 2 emails per month if there is a baby model search, a huge event or promotion.{1 entry}

{Optional entries (Please use a separate comment for each entry):
1) Follow me (see sidebar) {1 entry}
2) Like my Facebook page for The Paper Mama{1 entry}

3) Follow me on twitter: @thepapermama {1 entry}
4) Tweet or Facebook about this giveaway. You are welcome to copy and paste this tweet:
” Win a Wheely Bug Ladybug from Prince Lionheart @thepapermama “{1 entry}

If you have a moment, I’d LOVE to get 
a couple votes from you!
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Last day to enter giveaway is July 31st, 2011 at 11:59PM Pacific time.


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