GIVEAWAY: Children’s Spirit Hood! {CLOSED}

After 2 months of convincing Ruari this Husky Spirit Hood was not going to eat her or murder our dog… (Yes, I set the hat on Angus right when we got it and he squeaked… convincing Ruari that this hat was evil. Then, I put it on my head to show her it was ok… ummm… that made it worse. <——Fail. :D) I finally got her to put it on! And: she loves it!

Her fear of it has completely disappeared… thank goodness, because this hat is WAY too cute to not be worn! She puts it on her head…. walks to the mirror… smiles… then, takes it off and pats it like it’s a real dog. Cuddles it. Shushes it. 🙂 I do that to my hats too. 😉

So, Spirit Hoods was kind enough to send Ruari her choice of any of the children’s hats. She chose the doggy (husky) of course. It was between that and the wolf. We love it. It’s very cute, has little pockets for little hands, nice and warm over ears, could wrap up like a scarf, has a spot to write in your name… so, you don’t get your Spirit Hood mixed up with your buddy’s, ALSO comes in adult size (Yes, I think Ruari and I need matching hats), and any hat labled ProBlue donates 10% to save the animal that hat is modeled after. <—-super cool. The only thing I’m not fond of: It is dry clean or hand wash only…. I wish I could just throw it in the washer if I needed. 🙂 No biggie though.

What can you win?
Your choice of any of the Children’s sized Spirit Hood!!!!

How do you win? Please follow these steps… AND make sure I have a way to contact you through e-mail. If I don’t… I’ll have to delete the entry… 🙁

Mandatory entry:
1) If you were a fuzzy animal… what would you be?{1 entry}

{Optional entries (Please use a separate comment for each entry):
1) Follow me (see sidebar) {1 entry}
2) “Like” me on FB: The Paper Mama{1 entry}
3) Follow me on twitter: @thepapermama {1 entry}
4) “Like” Spirit Hoods on Facebook {1 entry}

5) Follow on twitter: @spirithoods {1 entry}
6) Tweet, Facebook, or Blog about this giveaway. You are welcome to copy and paste this tweet:
” GIVEAWAY! Win a tubular children’s Spirit Hood from
@spirithoods !!! @thepapermama “{1 entry}

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Last day to enter giveaway is July 31st, 2011 at 11:59PM Pacific time.


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