Super glue.

So… Ruari has always been super attached to me. BUT, it’s getting a little crazy. I know she’s only 18 months… but, she wants be to carry her everywhere. And, if I don’t pick her up right when she wants… it’s complete meltdown city.

She’s even started freaking out if Mike picks her up instead of me (when she’s asking for me). It’s wearing me down. Of course I love her beyond anything… but, wow. It’s tough. And, everyone tells me to enjoy her cuddles now while I can… but, it’s all day everyday.

It’s worse at night… probably because she’s tired. It’s just really wearing on me. I feel like I really can’t get anything done during the day with her. Then, I feel guilty when I have a friend babysitter so I can get things done. Ugh.

I’m sure this is probably normal for her age, but I don’t quite know what I’m doing. I don’t want to reward her grumpy behavior, but it’s hard to ignore her meltdowns and not soothe her…

She’s super glued to me.

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