Sunday Challengin

Scavenger Hunt Sunday:

From a Flower’s Point of View

Natural Frame

Hmm, well… I feel like the wood in the background sort of creates a natural frame. 😉



Ruari is absolutely in LOVE with her new rolling bee gift. Loves it. Totally blissed out. ;D


Steppin’ Out Saturday:

We didn’t really do any Steppin Out this weekend. These photos were taken on Friday. We had a sunny and clear day of 70 something. SO nice! (Even though it’s back to cold and rainy today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) So… we just went to a pizza pub and had a quick slice of pizza (well… we ended up getting it to go because some baby… ::ahem, Ruari:: …would not stop trying to run out to the street and very much melted down if we tried to stop her)!

Scavenger Hunt SundayMM3

And, if you all get a moment…. 
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