Bloggy playdate… Fun!

Well… another VERY fun blog gathering… this time it was a playdate. 😀 My mom, grandma, ruari and I headed up to Washington to celebrate my cousins graduation from high school. SO… of course I had to plan a playdate with some of my favorite fellow bloggers in Washington. We wandered to a fabulous play place that’s perfect for little toddlers that like to escape and do naughty things…. ;D SO much fun… except for the part where Ruari fell off a step and landed on her face… 🙁 She now has a blue bruise on her cheek. Poor babe.

Please enjoy this photo barf… photo explosion… mass of photos…

{Photo taken by, Fiona from Letters to Littles}

{“You killed my dog?” I thin that’s what Harper is saying. ;D}

I had SO much fun. I’m really growing very attached to these lovely blogging ladies. Here they are: Fiona from Letters to Littles, Mandy from Harper’s Happenings, Andrea from Peanut Butter Handprints, and Amanda from Raising Reese. Those girls are awesome you guys. Check them out if you haven’t seen them before. 😀

By the way… All you PNW’s…. get yourself ready….. A bloggy gathering to be remembered is being planned as you read this! Come back Wednesday for more info. 😀

AND: I would LOVE it if you guys could vote for my blog! I’m about to fall of the first page. 🙁 Just click the button below… then click the owl on the left. Thank you so much! 😀

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