The "Get this hair out of my face" style tutorial.

This is the “hairstyle” I always go to when I just don’t want to deal with my hair… but, I still want it to be cute. Also… my bangs are very long right now. I’m not sure if I want to cut them or not… do I want to grow them out? I don’t know… 🙂 Here it is:


1. First I french braid my bangs… just to get them out of the way. Of course this step is optional if your bangs are already at a manageable length… unlike my in the middle too long but, not long enough bangs.

2. Pull back a small section of hair on the top of your head… pin it.

3. Pull back another small section of hair from the sides of your head and pin it below the first pin.

4. Take the remaining hair and pin it up as a messy bun. I like to use Spin Pins from Goody. They work awesome! And, if you braided your bangs… you would also pin that back.

5. Use hair spray… if needed. And, you’re done! I like to put headbands/clips and trinkets in my hair… This time I strung a necklace next to the braid.

By the way… this hairstyle is meant to be very messy! I just do this to get my hair outta my face. Don’t stress if a few strands of hair find their way out… 😀


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  • Elizabeth on said:

    Finally, a hair style to solve my hair in the face problems! 😀
    Thank yooou!

  • Joyus on said:

    I have short hair and I'm trying to grow it out and with it growing I feel hopelessly lost with how to do it so thanks for your little tips and tricks(:

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