Catching up on 8 weeks to a better me.

The ALWAYS sweet Danielle from Sometimes Sweet started this inspiring 8 Weeks to a Better Me blog series. Each week an inspiring blogger chooses three inspiring things to do in their lives based on a certain topic. From their… we, the readers… can join in and follow Danielle’s 3 prompts for the week (which you can totally change each prompt to work for you).

I had EVERY intention of following this weekly and keeping up with it… but, as life would have it: I didn’t. We are now hitting week 5. While I did DO some of the prompts listed… I haven’t blogged about them. Today: I blog. This post is a quick catch up to the previous 4 weeks of 8 Weeks to a Better Me.

Week 1: Blogging: Inspired by the lovely couple Local Honey and Adeline’s Daddy

1) Blog about one local restaurant that I love.
One of our favorite family friendly restaurants to wander to is the Lucky Lab. It’s a local brewery/pizza pub. And, SUPER family friendly. We love it. And, when we can… and if it’s a nice day we like to head over to have a drink and a slice of pizza… all while sitting outside. 🙂

{Ruari and I enjoying the weather at Lucky Lab. May 4th.}

2) Take my camera out more than I already do to capture more day to day moments.

So… I totally stayed with this goal because… well: I’m crazy about my camera. AND…. I’m already taking at least one photo EVERY day this year. AND: I haven’t fallen behind! Yay me! Here’s a link to my flickr 365. I still need to tag some more photos for it… but, I haven’t missed a day yet!

{Ruari during bathtime. I love this photo. May 5th.}

3) Finish the guest posts that are on my plate.
Yes…. so, I’m still working on this! I am a little behind. 🙂 But, so far everyone that I’m behind on getting my guests posts too… are very sweet. 😀 I’m working on them! 😀 Here’s a guest post I finished that week for Little Gray Pixel for a Mother’s Day series.

Week 2: Fitness and health: Inspired by the beautiful Amber from I Love You to the Moon

1) Switch out two of my gym days for outdoor exercise. (I need more fresh air!)
My gym these days is in my living room… I’ve been doing the 30 Day Shred from Jillian Michael’s for the last month. I get up at 5:30am… press snooze for like 30 minutes… :)… then I work out. The weather has been so crappy it’s really hard to get out and exercise outside. But, I do try and take Ruari on a walk when it’s not raining. 🙂

2) Change my eating habits.

And, I did. I eat smaller portioned meals more often throughout the day. I basically eat like 7 times a day. And, I’m totally satisfied. And, drink LOTS of water… that’s a hard one to remember.

3) Walk Angus more. 
My poor little Chihuahua is getting a little chunky. He needs more exercise. I haven’t done so well on this goal. The weather getting better would help.

Week 3: Healthy eating: Inspired by the lovely Tracy of Shutterbean

1) Eat fruit everyday!
AND… I did it. Even if all we had was applesauce… I made sure to get more fruit in my diet! For whatever reason after Ruari was born I lost pretty much all interest in fruit. Maybe a hormonal thing… I don’t know. 🙂 BUT, I’m eating fruit now!
2) Don’t eat as much cheese.
Do you know how hard this has been for me? Oh man. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. love. cheese. Which… is probably why I gained weight so fast after I finished pumping for Ruari. Hmmm… 🙂 So, while I haven’t completely cut cheese out of my life (that would be mean to my belly)… I hardly eat it anymore. Just the occasional sprinkle of feta, blue cheese, or parmesan here and there.
3) Drink at least 3 bottle of water a day.
I’d love to say that I’ve kept up with this… but, I haven’t. I drink so much tea throughout the day… I just forget! But, I will keep up with this. I will!!! ::runs off to drink some water::
Week 4: Loving yourself: Inspired by the sweet Kaelah Bee of Little Chief Honeybee
1. Find something that makes you feel good!
My thing that makes me feel good… is my daily cup of tea. I just love it. It wakes me up… it’s warm… it’s tasty. I love holding a warm mug of tea and really just spacing out!
2. For every negative thought you think about yourself, think a positive one!
Those darn negative thoughts! EVERYONE has them. I’ve truly made an effort to think of something positive each time I think negatively. It can be hard on a rough day… but, I feel like it makes me feel better.
3. Dress up just because!
I LOVE this. I don’t feel like I’m all that stylish… but, I do love clothes and SHOES!!! I’ve made a goal to participate in Harper’s Happenings Steppin’ Out Saturday each week. It at least gets me out of my jammies. 🙂
4. Update/add more inventory to My Closet!
Like many other bloggers out there… I’ve started a closet. I’ve wanted to get a little more organized with it… but, I haven’t yet. And… I still have a TON to add to it. I will work on this and get it updated! I’m feeling like I may need to move this to a “shop” location. Just to organize it. I offer swap/shop options. 😀 Check out my closet!

Alright! I caught myself up! Yay! Week 5 coming soon… 🙂



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