Whoops… my baby turns 14 months last Friday!

Hey Ruari!
     SOOoooo… I forgot to create a 14 month post for you! It’s because I was WAY too busy having a ton of fun with you! That’s right! Well, my dear… you have just turned 14 months old! What? I know! You are getting so old. I’m loving how crazy funny you’ve become! You seriously think you’re a comedian! I swear your babbles are some hilarious joke that I just don’t quite understand yet.

You love running (well… walking fast with lots of stumbles) around shaking your arms and hands and yelling crazy babbles (see below)! You tend to do this at night time… I think it’s because you’re so tired you lose your mind! I love you. You’re so cute.

Things you’ve been up too… “where’s your nose?” you point to your nose… “where’s your teeth?” you point to your hair :D… I believe the word: “Bagum” is your word for pacifier… you understand the following words: Angus, Pistachio, Princess, Mommy/Mama, Daddy/Dada, eat, drink, milk, dance, push the button, Bernie, kitty, doggy, book, baby doll, banana… I’d like to believe you understand, “no no.” But, I know you don’t. OR, you pretend you don’t…

You say a few words… all of the same from last month. I don’t think there’s anything new… You LOVE doggies! If you see them ANYWHERE you will scream with excitement! One time you scared two ladies with your scream who were walking a dog and they tripped and bumped into each other. 😀

Your poop stinks. Like real bad. Eww… speaking of poop you love the following foods: curried lentils, broccoli, carrots, bananas, oranges, water, LOTS of water, you still have 4 bottles a day, dirt, cat hair, my hair, paper, chicken, mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, applesauce,lots of puffs, and I’m pretty sure you’ll eat anything we give you. You eat non-stop…

Your hair is getting very long. So cute… 8 teeth are in with #9 soon to be here!!!… still wearing a size 5 diaper… you give many wet kisses (licks)… you hug a lot… you want me to hold you 24/7… you love our walks… when Daddy gets home you get really excited and are VERY offended if he doesn’t pick you up right away… You think it’s funny to chase the animals… still a little weary of new people… you’ve been laying on your tummy and pushing yourself backwards. You think it’s hilarious…

I never thought it was possible for me to love something so much… yes, I do have many rough days where I just want to be with myself and not have to pick up a baby every couple of minutes… but, there is no way I would trade this for anything. I love you so much! Your Daddy loves you so much! Your family loves you so much! Happy 14 months!


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