Photo Challenges and and award!

My 365 challenge:

Day 24{365}: Thread Bare.

25{365} and 4{52}: The Great Debate.

Day 26{365}: Bear Bowl.

27{365}: Dog Park

28{365}: Chicken in the city.

29{365}: Anemone.

Simplicity: Something Different

30{365}: Chubby hands.

Sweet Shot Day  Photobucket 

AND… I wanted to thank Jasmine, from Oh Boy Drake, for the Stylish Blogger Award! If you haven’t seen her blog yet… go, do it now! Super cute!:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3.I’m supposed to share this with 15 bloggers… BUT, I’m going to narrow it down JUST a bit. 15 seems like a lot right now while my baby is yelling at me. 😀 How about 4.

7 things about me:
1. It’s my birthday today. 🙂
2. Jasmine, from Oh Boy Drake said she doesn’t like croutons or donuts! I’m so shocked! Cause, I love them!
3. Someone else gave me an award and I accidentally deleted the email… I’m sorry. 🙂
4. I’m trying to raise money to go to BlogHer ’11… you can go here if you’d like to see how you can help!

5. My baby is talking to her hands while she eats right now.
6. I LOVE doing photo challenges.
7. I’m watching Ree, the Pioneer Woman, on the Today Show right now! 🙂 Love her.

Four bloggers I’m awarding this too:
1. Nikki @ Perpetually Engaged.
2. Carol @ Knee Deep in Mommahood.
3. Casey @ One Day at a Time.
4. Nikki @ Life of a Single Mommy.

Valentine’s Photo Challenge ends soon!
You can enter here. Remember: last day to enter is Friday!!!

The Paper Mama

Can I get a birthday vote?
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BlogHer 2011!

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