Product Review’n and a Giveaway: Prince LionHeart Universal Organizer {CLOSED}

Prince LionHeart sent me their Universal Organizer to review!
I’ve now been using this item for about 3 weeks. Maybe not EXACTLY as it was intended to be used (since we make most of our own baby food). But, I thought it would be perfect as a drawer organizer.

For the LONGEST time we had stored all of Ruari’s bottles… spoons… and any other baby eating things in bowls on our counter top. With a kitchen as small as ours is… it was getting a bit annoying. We NEED every inch of space in that kitchen. 
So, the day I got this in the mail: I reorganized. I realized it may be time to move things around a bit since we have a baby that’s close to walking (and who’s figuring out how to open things). The drawer that the organizer is currently in used to be our knife drawer. Ha! That HAD to move! Here’s how it looks now. . .

Why I love it:
– The stand folds up: I really love that. Since I didn’t really need to use it for storing baby food jars… it’s nice that the stand folds up and I can place the organizer in the drawer.
– The separator: I like the little separator. It’s nice for splitting up all the little baby things.
– The separator is removable: Yup, that’s great!
– Easy to see the baby jars: Yes, I did say that I don’t use this to store baby food… BUT, if I did I’d love it. Instead of stacking tiny jars of baby food up in the cupboard (where it’s hard to tell what you have) all the food is up and visible.
– Can be used for other things: When I’m done storing baby supplies… the organizer can be used to store spatulas and other kitchen utensils. OR, knowing me… it will probably end up in my art studio space to separate my pens. I have many pens. 😀
– It’s VERY easy to clean: No weird corners to collect dust. Just wipe it down.

– Only one separator: I know the separator is in my “Love” list.. but, I think it would be very nice to have an option to have more than one.
– Takes up a bit of space in it’s standing position: I do love that it’s a convenient way to hold your baby food jars… but, in the standing position it takes up quite a bit of space in my cupboard. I have quite the tiny kitchen… so, I don’t want anything on my countertops AND I don’t want something to take up too much cupboard space.
– I wish it was longer and/or wider: since I’m using this in a drawer I wish it was larger. It fills up pretty fast. OR, I wish there were extensions.

Yes: I VERY much recommend this. It doesn’t only have to be for baby food. Get creative… organize!
You can find this product here.. on Amazon: Prince Lionheart Universal Drawer Organizer
Prince Lionheart also has a pretty amazing community of Facebook. They do lots of contests and giveaways. Check it out if you’d like!

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Note: Hello my readers. I was not paid to do this review. Prince LionHeart sent me their Universal Organizer in exchange for an honest review. I am just providing an opinion to help any decision-making on purchasing this product. They are just opinions and each individual may feel differently. Thanks soooo much for reading! I hope my opinions help! If you are interested in me doing a product review for you, please email me. I don’t accept payment for these though. I like to keep it honest.

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