AND, the winner of the "Family" photo challenge is….

This weeks guest judge: Joni from Six Cherries on Top
This weeks challengeFamily.
The challenge: The challenge will be based around your children. Take or find a photo of your baby (or kid… or puppy… or kitty) and your family.

Joni’s picks:

  • First: 4 Lettre Words

Why Joni chose this photo: “this photo is perfect because it is of a family doing something together. when i think of families i think of the memories created and the sledding in this photo is a memory this family will always remember.  it definitely puts a smile on my face because it reminds me of snow days from my childhood.”

{4 Lettre Words}

Congrats! Please feel free to grab a “fact: I’m awesome … #1 winner” button below. Because: you ARE awesome! And, thank you SO much for participating!

The Paper Mama

  • Second: Being What I Want to Be 

Why Joni chose this photo: “The love permeates from this photo. what a special moment this is! Only my oldest daughter was able to meet MY grandmother and this reminds me of a photo of the two of them.”

{Being What I Want to Be}

  • Third: They Call Me Mama

Why Joni chose this photo: “as if matching christmas pj’s is not cute enough. this photo makes me feel like they have such a close relationship that will grow and stay strong forever.”

{They Call Me Mama}

  • Fourth: A Good Life Photos

Why Joni chose this photo: “i love this photo because this is something i do with my children. we love to do puzzles and glue them together. this year when we move to our new home, we are going to frame the puzzles and hang them in our playroom.  once again, family togetherness is so important to me which is why this photo is so special.”

{A Good Life, Photos}

  • Fifth: Bunch of Barrons

Why Joni chose this photo: “i love the composition of the photo. without actually seeing them you know that there is a strong loving relationship with this family.”

{Bunch of Barrons}

Congrats to the top 5 winners! Great job, and please feel free to grab the top 5 button below! You’re all awesome!

The Paper Mama

My favorites (in no particular order):

{Christine Marks}

{Photography by Michelle}

{Bunch of Barrons}

{They Call Me Mama}

{Being What I Want to Be}

{Living Our Love Song}

{JM PhotoArt}

If you’re one of my favorites you are more than welcome to grab a “Paper mama hearts me” button below!

The Paper Mama


Guess what…. after 4 challenges there will be a week long vote off of the winners from the 4 previous challenges… 2 more challenges to go…

Winners so far:
Holiday Colors: … Window to My Soul
Winter: … Letters to Little
Family: … 4 Lettre Words …
Sparkly: … no one yet …

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