Wordless Wednesday: Eat

{I like watching Ruari eat. She’s so careful as she grabs at her food. Sometimes she’ll chase the food around with her finger… forgetting to use her thumb to help her pick it up! Ha. And, after dinner we usually find over half of the food she’s grabbed in her lap… But, she loves feeding herself!}

{I’m SO freaking tired you guys. I don’t work too much, but I did work this week and I’m exhausted. It’s retail and everyone’s out shopping. This means we’re busy! I love it, but I’m so tired! It’s Tuesday night and I HAVE to go to bed. I hope you all have a Happy Wednesday!}

{If you have a Wordless{ish} Wednesday, please feel free to post it below. And, feel free to link up to these blogs too… (Wordless Wednesday HQ, 5 Minutes For Mom, Parenting by Dummies, Jolly Mom, Go Graham Go, Supermom,  and My Wee View.). Happy Wednesday to all of you! Don’t forget to check the announcements above the posts. Giveaways and the photo challenges!}

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