The Great Exchange…


A small group of mama bloggers and I got together to do a little gift exchange with our babies. 😀 We drew names and Stella, from Hi Baby, had Ruari’s name! (Ruari pulled Parker’s name, from A Good Life). She did such a great job picking out gifts for miss Ruari!

{Stella and Ruari}

The package came with a BEAUTIFUL card that I’m positive Stella made all on her own.

Ruari LOVES books. She sat and talked to this book for a good 20 minutes. She NEVER sits still that long. AND, she got this really sweet dress that she will be wearing on Christmas for sure!

Do you remember these toys? I do! They are so cute! The little jingle it makes, the rocking animals… My cats really loved this gift. They kept sniffing it.
There was also a little doll from an Etsy shop!!! Ruari pretty much loved this thing… she had more than one meltdown involved with me taking it from her to take the packaging off… MELT DOWN. But, she loves it. It’s light and easy to carry around. The cats love this one too… They keep playing with it…

And, now she has a birthday shirt! It’s so cute! I think Stella must have made this one too. 😀

And, this is Mama’s favorite… a very very cute hair clip holder for her room. Isn’t it awesome? I love the Oregon with the heart! It came with some really cute hair clips too! I know they’re for Ruari… but, I think I’ll be wearing them too. Check out the shop of Stella’s mama: Hi Baby on Etsy.
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