Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Christmas style.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (or a wonderful Saturday if you don’t celebrate Christmas). We did! So much fun. I have so many cute baby pictures to share… we’ll see if I can get them ready for tomorrow…

1. Family

I didn’t take this photo… BUT, it’s my family. Look at my baby and hubby! Same smirk as usual. 😀 Do you like my bra strap? Yeah, me too.

Let’s link up for Steppin’ Out Saturday! You know, since I did get out of my pajamas. 😀

Sweater: Banana Republic
Shirt: I have no idea.
Wine: Shingleback. Very tasty.
Sweater: Target
Pants: A Christmas gift from her Grammy. 
Her cute little jeans didn’t make it through the day.

Blouse: Anthroplogie (big surprise).
Earrings: Anthopologie
Bra strap: Calvin Klein

2. Motion Blur

Ruari hasn’t really gotten the whole opening presents thing down just yet…. she sort of shakes them (and herself) back and forth.

3. Pretty Package

4. Glow

My mom has a very pretty white Christmas tree. It’s so glowy! 😀

5. Sparkle


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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