AND, the winners of the "Holiday Colors" photo challenge are…

This weeks guest judge: ME!
This weeks challenge: Holiday colors.
The challenge: The challenge will be based around your children. Take or find a photo of your baby (or kid… or puppy… or kitty) wearing red and green… blue and white… or, whatever colors make you think of the upcoming holidays. Feel free to play around with photo editing programs! Have fun!

My winning picks:

First place: Window to My Soul
Why I chose this photo: “The light and contrast are beautiful. But, I mostly love how cool he is. 😀 In his snow gear enjoying a candy cane.”

{Window To My Soul}

The Paper Mama

Second place: Linkie Lueville
Why I chose this photo: “I’m pretty much always a sucker for babies in tutu’s. And, it’s a very lovely photo.”

{Linkie Lueville}

Third place: Loving My Life
Why I chose this photo: “I love the holiday colored messy fingers! It’s a great shot.”

{Loving My Life}

Fourth place: Mel
Why I chose this photo: “I love the whole set up! The bright glow of the window in the background, the Christmas tree, and the sweet kid!”


Fifth place: Hot Coffee Mama
Why I chose this photo: “A super awesome family portrait. So different and TOTALLY a holiday color.”

{Hot Coffee Mama}

Congrats to the top 5 winners! Great job, and please feel free to grab the top 5 button below! You’re all awesome!

The Paper Mama

My favorites (in no particular order):


{Hi, Baby.}

{Being What I Want To Be}

{Holly Days}

{Ashley Plus 3}

{Carolyn Haines}

If you’re one of my favorites you are more than welcome to grab a “Paper mama hearts me” button below!

The Paper Mama

Guess what…. after 4 challenges there will be a week long vote off of the winners from the 4 previous challenges… The winner of the vote off will get a small prize! 3 more challenge to go…

Winners so far:
Holiday Colors: … Window to My Soul …
Winter: … no one yet …
Your Holiday: … no one yet …
Bokeh: … no one yet …

And, if you all get a moment…. I’d LOVE a vote! 😀
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