Scavenger Hunt Sunday

So, I’ve found myself taking a week off of photo challenges every 3 weeks or so… I don’t ever mean to do it. BUT, it just happens. This last week I only participated in I Heart Faces and Scavenger Hunt. I’m back this week! Woo hoo!

Self Portrait:
{“The eyes are the mirror of our soul.” Yiddish Proverb}
beep clickFacing Myself
{Handmade, not by me… but by Barely Measured. Love it.}

{Little orange newborn baby.}

{Pulled from the archives}

Traffic Signals or Sign:
Uhhhhhhh… I didn’t get to this one. 😀 Woops!

REMINDER: I just wanted to remind all of you to enter your Holidayish photo/card into the Holiday Card Challenge! Many winners and MUCH fun.

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