Enjoying the day.

Sometimes I forget to just enjoy the day. I’m always thinking about all the things I need to get done… when I need to get it done by… but not today. It’s not too often you get a 65 degree November day in Oregon. * Close that computer * Put on some “real” clothes * Brush my hair * Sit and slow down *

Ruari spent the afternoon inspecting her toes and shooting stink eyes to our table neighbors. I entertained myself with taking too many photos and sipping my iced green tea. This gave my mind time to wander….

Then, I found one of Ruari’s favorite toys to chew on. It was hidden in the bottom of her stroller. I don’t know for how long. So, of course, Ruari needed to have a little conversation with this monkey. She hadn’t seen him in SO long.

Babbling and chewing, they were the best of friends again! Well, until she was tired of sitting in one spot for too long.

I kept trying to get a lovely, flattering, nice photo of Ruari and I. It just wasn’t happening today. So, I took a photo of my foot in my old dirty shoe and a sliver of my face below.

Then I received an email from BlogHer this morning… Own Your Beauty Flickr group. Ok fine. I’ll own my own beauty, but not when the angle looks all wonky and I have 5 chins. Will you own your beauty with BlogHer?

Day 16: Someone or something you definitely could live without.
I keep trying to think of something I could live without, but I can’t. I love my baby, my hubby, my electronics ;D….. I could live without angry people. Anyone that brings you down whenever you’re around them. That’s sad. Anyone that’s so angry and hates life. I could live without that.

truth post.
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