Baby Daniel.

One of my closest friends, Kim, gave birth to her little baby boy, Daniel, last night. She was in labor for 36 hours… then, just one hour after his birth… she was ready for visitors! Man, she’s tough. He’s so sweet and little.

{Baby Daniel November 8th, 2010: 2 hours old}

{Renee, Kim and Daniel, Stacey, me, Courtney, and Kristen}

Ha! I love the look on Ruari’s face in the photo below, “What the?”

Each time a friend of mine has a baby, I am amazed on how strong they are. So amazed. I can’t believe that Kim and I have now been friends for… what, 15 years? Wow, I’m laughing just flashing back: we were a couple of dorky little giggly 8th graders…. Now: Married mom’s. We’ve all been through so much in our lives already. Wow, and in just one month her sister will be having a little baby boy too!

30 days of truth:
Day 17: A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

Reading Your Best Birth in the beginning of my pregnancy changed my views on birth. I think having the option for a natural birth is important. But, like in my case, the hospital is VERY VERY important. I really never knew anything about all the birthing options before I was pregnant. I do recommend this book.

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