Ruari is 10 months old.

Dear little Miss Laureli,

Wow. I cannot believe you’re already 10 months old! You have turned into a little human this past month. Seriously. So many changes. What are you up to you ask? Well, here… check it out:

  • Crawling. I was afraid you’d never roll over 2 months ago… BUT, here you are… you can roll over like it’s nothing and you have moved on to a crawling little monster!
  • You’re eating your food better. Most of it stays in your mouth!
  • “Ma ma” only comes out of your mouth when you’re crying… and you believe you need me or the world is going to end if I don’t pick you up IMMEDIATELY! UPDATE: I started writing this Sunday morning. Sunday evening: you have mastered saying Mama… you now look at me while in daddy’s arms and scream “Mama” non-stop.
  • “Da da” is your favorite thing to say. Pfft. ;D
  • Angus (our little Chihuahua), or as you say it: “An-duh” was your first word. You pretty much call any dog “An-duh”.
  • You are a waving maniac! You wave hi to everything!
  • Clap clap clap! Yay! You clap all the time.
  • You get very excited when you see someone you recognize… Me, Mike, Angus, Princess, Pistachio or your Grandma.
  • Playing contently on your own is something new. You will sit and play in your pack n’ play for a good 45 minutes and let me sit and blog! 🙂 That was never the case before.
  • You’ve started smiling and giggling when you’re pooping… poor child.. I’m afraid you have our sense of humor!
  • I’ve realized this week I REALLY need to lower your crib… I came in and found you standing… uh oh. You were so happy!
  • Pretty much EVERYTHING you touch still goes in your mouth!
  • You must weigh more than 22 pounds… because you barely fit in your 22 pounds or less car seat! We ordered a new “big girl” seat… it should be here soon.
  • You happily swing your legs when I hold you. I think it’s so cute.
  • Mirrors are the best thing ever. You think they’re pretty! 🙂
  • You’ve started pushing me away when I try and kiss you… what up with that?
  • You sleep on your belly. You sleep on your face. You freak mommy out when you sleep on your face!
  • You’re still waking up at 6 am… You fall asleep anywhere from 8 pm to 10 pm…
  • Mike thinks you will be walking by next month. I’m not too sure…. 🙂
  • You’re such an amazing sweet baby!

Love you baby boo head shmooby! Two more months and you’re 1 year! Wow!


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