Touch up Tuesday and free action!

{Kim: 31 weeks pregnant}


{Kim: 31 weeks pregnant}



I’ve finally made my own action for photoshop! It’s the action I used on the photos above of my beautiful preggo friend Kim. 🙂 If you’d like to check out this action, head on over to my Paper Heart Camera. This is where I’ll be posting any tips or actions or anything along those lines. 🙂 This action is called: Summertime Vintage.

KIM’S BABY SHOWER INVITE (buy this at the Paper Mama Shop!):

BY the way: Touch Up Tuesday is moving to my photography community: Paper Heart Camera next Tuesday. 🙂

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  • Faith on said:

    LOVE the last photo. Brilliant!

  • Happy Homemaker And on said:

    Thank you so much for the new action!!!! Can't wait to try it out!!

  • Mandy on said:

    Love it! You are so good at editing.

  • jill on said:

    love the edits. i need photoshop!!!

  • Jhen.Stark on said:

    I love the announcements! Great edits too! And wahoo for Actions!!!

  • Karli on said:

    OK, I'm FLYING over to your other blog to check out your new action! Yippee!! You're so awesome to share. Really…I think that's wonderful. Can't wait to link up at YOUR place next Tuesday! Have a great week! ♥Oh, do I need to mention that I LOVE your edits? LOL!

  • Nicole on said:

    How cute! And may I say great change on the clothes color. How you came up with that or did that I have no idea. I have much to learn…but where is the time? I must look into my schedule. Really though, I am impressed. Nice work!

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