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Soooo, it’s been a crazy morning already at the Paper Mama home! Oh man. Ruari pooped ALL over herself and then rolled around in it. Of course. Then… as I was changing her she kept grabbing all her poopy mess! So, we’ve already had a bath. We had a very similar poo explosion last Friday. Hmmm. Maybe it’s the peaches?

AAAAAnnnndddd…. now for MORE crazy! I think I did it! I’ve lost my mind. I’ve participated in an INSANE amount of photo challenges… I’m feeling a bit like Ashley... 😀

Show and Tell @ Paper Heart Camera: A day in your life.

{Ruari 8.5 months old}


Just a little snapshot of my life. Everyday of my life this is it. My baby. I know I made it through all the internal bleeding and badness from her birth to take care of my baby.

Photography love...
It’s a Beautiful Life challenge: My little piece of heaven…

Sweet Shot Day
B is for Baby! Alphabet Challenge:

Perceptive Perspective: Hands.

Touch up Tuesday:


Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Simplicity’s Photo Challenge: Water

In a Yellow House photo challenge: Art

{Hand-painted paper decoration from Paper Lady Invites}

Hmmmm… I feel like I’ve entered this photo before. I can’t remember. 😀

BWS tips button

Shoot ‘n Tell @ The Franklin’s: Up

So, the theme is “up”. This was Ruari a couple weeks ago. Still up. She would not nap!!!

Shutter sisters: Simple Beauty

Wishful Lamb: Soul Mates


I’m flashing back a little for this one. I just didn’t take any self portraits that I liked this week. 🙂 I was about 7 months pregnant here. 😀

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