My pick on monday: Guess who’s crawling?

{Ruari crawling at 9 months.}

Ruari is! And, we’re in trouble! Every little piece of dirt… fuzz… hair… dog (poor Angus can’t hide now)… goes in her mouth! She is a little trouble maker.

{Ruari crawling at 9 months.}

We tried to baby proof as much as we could for now… I guess it will probably have to be a trial and error situation. We’ll see what she really gets into. I guess it’s good that it’s a VERY slow crawl right now. I’m sure it will speed up fast!

{Ruari crawling at 9 months.}

My pick for this Monday:

Hand knit baby leg warmers. So, I know you guys know I’m ALL about BabyLegs (which you can still get a 20% discount with this code: PAPERMAMA through Oct. 31st.), but these knit leggings are adorable. I love hand knit items. I have MANY partially finished/started knit projects. I usually get them started… then get frustrated… and move on to something else. 😀 So, instead of knitting my own leggings, I think I’d just buy them from this shop: Morava


You can really find a ton of sweet hand knit creations in this little Etsy shop. Give them a visit! Support handmade this holiday!

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