Thursday’s Three: Messy baby

{Messy child}

This weeks Thursday’s Three is inspired by my messy baby!!! She is such a mess.

1) This messy wet bag is lined with waterproof material. Perfect for those baby poo explosions we always seem to have when we’re OUT of the house! Another great thing about this: Machine washable! I HATE using plastic bags for these messes, because they just get thrown away. But, I can just throw this in the wash with her poopy clothes! Please check out Golly Gee Baby on Etsy.

{Golly Gee Baby on Etsy}
2) I’ll need another bib to go with that messy baby. These little Etsy bibs are pretty dang cute. I love the fabrics! AND: how could you not love that little messy baby face?! Check out Rocker Bye Baby on Etsy.

{Rocker Bye Baby on Etsy}

{Rocker Bye Baby on Etsy}

3) AND of course. With every messy baby, you need a stain remover. Oxiclean has saved many of my favorite shirts from the orangey baby poo stains. I totally recommend it! You can find Oxiclean on Amazon.

Have a VERY lovely Thursday! I’m off to answer a few of those questions from yesterday!
And, don’t forget that TODAY is the last day to enter the photo challenge: Buddies.
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  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    Ah yes, the baby poo stains. Dangit. I had forgotten all about those. better stock up on stain removers!!

  • The Wishful Lamb on said:

    messy is not the word lol! I love her eyes they are so pretty!

  • allie on said:

    What do you think of the mesh food bag? I've been considering purchasing one for Henry but not sure if he'd use it/like it? AND Ruari is the cutest messy baby I've seen all day!

  • Skye is the Limit! on said:

    Heading over there now!! ha!

  • Mrs Mar on said:

    Have you tryed sun for baby poo. I always put the cloth dippers out in the sun and the stains all go away… Love those little bags to put durty clothes in.

  • sara on said:

    Etsy is a dangerous place for me. So. many. things.

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