Lots of random on Friday…

First off:
My guest post on Coffee with a Canine is up! Yay! Such a cute blog. Here’s the link.

Second: Photo Roulette!
From: 3rd folder, 25th photo.

{Me and Ruari: 1 week old}
This photo is of Ruari and I Christmas 2009. This was exactly 1 week after her birth. I have a really hard time looking at these photos. I know it’s probably a post par-tum thing… and, I still haven’t completely accepted my birth. I remembered having the baby blues pretty bad. But, I do think I’ll go through these photos and edit them. I don’t want my issues with my birth to affect Ruari. It’s her birthday after all. 🙂 Here’s Ruari in her little Christmas outfit. She only fit in preemie clothes.

{Ruari: 1 week old}

3rd: My mom has our baby for the weekend…. Ummmm. I’m excited and nervous all at once. We’ll see how my night goes. I’ll probably just worry the whole time. Oh well.

4th: Photo winners have been chosen! Yay! I’ll post them tomorrow morning along with the next photo challenge: Flowers. This is judged by Mandy!

The numbers have been reset! Help me get in the top 10! I ♥ you!
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  • Siobhan on said:

    I understand completely….looking back through photos has turned me into a sap…I think the photos are wonderful and you have a beautiful Girl….

  • Candace on said:

    This is such a sweet photo of you and your beautiful girl! I love the white Christmas tree!

  • Lilac City Momma on said:

    How precious! Love your pics {as always!} Girl, if I lived closer I would so make you take pics for me =P Have fun this weekend!!

  • Mandy on said:

    Oh my goodness. Those photos of you and Ruari when she was 1 week old are so precious. Best of luck this weekend without Ruari! Let us know how it goes. I'm nervous to leave Bennett for the first time for more than a couple of hours.

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    That Christmas photo is so wonderful and I know it carries a lot of emotions, but I think that's part of the beauty. She is certainly a very special little girl.

  • Alicia on said:

    beautiful baby girl…they grow up wayy to fast don't they. I had an outfit that was almost exactly the same for my little boo it was one of my favorite outfits.

  • Mommyto2 on said:

    love the Christmas photo! so sweet

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