Get to Know a Mama: Ericka from Alabaster Cow

Get to Know a Mama: Ericka from Alabaster Cow.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?  i like being influential.  that makes me an egotistical psycho doesn’t it?  but i seriously do appreciate the role i’ve been given to help shape another person’s mind.  i hope to make ava healthy and as happy as possible and i like the fact that i’m the only woman in the world given the privilege.

Any advice for a new mom?  go with your gut.  i have no patience for planning my day minute by minute, nursing schedules, informational baby books, etc. but if your gut is telling you that you need this sort of guidance then do it.  on the other hand, if you’re like me and want to follow your own instincts, then do that, too.  your baby, your rules.

Would you like to have another baby sometime in the future?  hahaha…no.  i’m a one and done kinda lady!  unless by “baby” you mean “published novel.”  in that case i’m committed to raising a complete brood!

Can we get a couple links to a few of your FAVORITE blog posts you’ve done?  here are a few favorites:

How and where and when did you develop a love of writing and when oh when do you find time to do it?

i realized i was a writer in the sixth grade when our class did a poetry project and something about the assignment clicked with me.  to be honest, i’d probably never get around to writing as often as i’d like if it weren’t for my mother who watches ava a couple times a week so i can work on my manuscript.  watching a baby and trying to write with a clear head is nearly impossible!

Do you have any suggestions on websites that help teach website design, have good images to borrow, tools & resources on how to grow your blog?  i seriously google EVERYTHING.  so i never remember what sites i go to (plus i just switched computers and lost all my bookmarks!) but i type in “html” code or anything else i need to look up and wham, bam, presto i become a little less lost. 🙂  i do use dream time photos for their free stock photos.  and i have no clue how to grow a blog other than to be funny.  and even then i can kinda suck at it.  but in all seriousness, facebook, twitter and general friendliness make people remember you.

What made you decide that Matt was the one to marry?  matt’s ambitious, smart and incredibly generous.  he’s a very balanced person and keeps all my crazy critters in their cages if they happen to escape.  and by just typing that last sentence, you understand what he’s dealing with.  

If you could have one title officially given to you what would it be?  published author.

How did you manage to get such a ridiculously cute daughter?  spluh, have you seen my cheek bones??  but no, i really have no clue.  she’s all personality, blond hair and huge blue eyes.  i think god wanted to make up for the fact that i can’t do math or put my shoes on the correct feet to save my life.

Maybe I just arrived late to this meme, but what is your deal with your ass? Is it really that spectacular? Where’s proof??  my ass is spectacular because it has no cellulite since i’m a vegan.  and i’m sure proof’s floating somewhere on the internet.  college.  sigh.

Do you have a censored curse word you like to use?  fuck bucket.

Where is your favorite place in your home to get away from it all?  my pantry.  i curl up into a ball underneath the pasta shelf.


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