Before and After

So, I originally took this photo for Simplicity’s photo challenge this week. I thought I’d share how it started out. (Get your own personalized doodle at my shop!).



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  • Heather on said:

    AWESOME!!! I would love to be able to do something like this!!

  • Faith on said:

    LOVE this before & after. just goes to show how a little editing goes a LONG way.

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    So here's an idea for you that I think I'm going to implement myself. I'm thinking about doing draw on thank you cards. So we'd start with a child, adult, couple holding two big cards. Blank. You can leave room for them to be holding something and nothing is on the cards. Print them as is. And then the fun occurs when you have a reason to send a card. On some it may say Happy Birthday and you draw on a balloon. On another it may say Thank You – am I crazy with this idea. I thought you being the Paper Lady might appreciate it.

  • Courtney on said:

    Love it!

  • Coco on said:

    Very cute!

  • Mrs Mar on said:

    You always have such cute ideas.

  • Mommy2Four on said:

    So cute!

  • Lilac City Momma on said:

    Love it! You are so darn talented!

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