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  • Jess Craig on said:

    um, why am i turned on right now?

  • sara on said:

    Hello hot stuff!

  • Natalie on said:

    Sooo cute! And so is the baby 😉

  • Nikki on said:

    Oh gosh. I can tell my clock is ticking. Men with babies are so hot!

  • jill on said:

    cam! my husband totally grew up with him. he's a total hunk though for sure!

  • Whitney on said:

    I LOVE when daddies carry babies. Last time Mr. Husband did I had a lady approach me and say "wow, your man is a REAL man!" with stars in her eyes. Haha. Back off ladies, he's mine. 😉

  • Claire's Creati on said:

    LOL. Cara… exactly what I was thinking. This is definitely hotness, and a wonderful way to start my morning. (so thanks!). If only more guys wore their babies. Especially baby girls. daddy + baby girl = melted heart.

  • Leah on said:

    so amazing! everything about the photo!

  • ArtsyCanvasGirl on said:

    Ummm… very nice! What a nice way to start the morning! hee hee!Btw, you inspired me to create a "grab a button" on my blog…Go take a peek and hopefully… you'll grab one. Thanks!

  • Cara. on said:

    Need. To. Teach. Hubby. Babywearing.(although the effect won't be quite the same I'm sure. More of an, "aw how precious." Less of a, "hey Daddy, you want to make more babies?" which is probably ok since we've got our hands full for the moment. ha ha)

  • ThisMamaRAZZI on said:


  • Steph on said:

    What a Hottie!! I didn't know who he was until I read the first comment!

  • Kristen @ ladybug-bl on said:

    that is SO cute!

  • Faith on said:

    WOWZERS. You don't see that every day!

  • Ash on said:

    OMG – drooling!!!!~ash's mum

  • Alysha (Supermom) on said:

    What a hunk!

  • The Wishful Lamb on said:

    HEHE sooo hot/cute

  • Shawntae on said:

    mmm he is so yummy thats James from Twilight right?? I think it soo cute when guys carry their babies in things like this I love it when James carries King in the bjorn it melts my heart.

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