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I love to take photos of the little details. I hardly ever take a landscape photo. I’d like to work on my landscapes. But, for now: I’ll just keep focusing on the little details. Here’s one of my fave’s in my little urban world.

{Table at Lucky Lab May 2010}
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Categories: photography


  • Yellow House on said:

    Beautiful! It's all about the small things!

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    Very cool shot – I love shooting details as well. My husband will look at a landscape and ask me to come over and take a picture. Then I'll focus on a small detail and he wonders what happened to the bigger picture. I gotta work on that too.

  • krissilugbill on said:

    what a great shot! details are just so much fun 🙂

  • Linkie Lueville on said:

    OH! LOVE it! And I totally meant every word of my comment! you're like ranbows, and glitter, and unicorns! <3 and ps, i've got 5 yards of that fabric, if you'd like a dress for rauri, i'll make you one! I'm making a matching one for Zoe as well! e-mail me yo!

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