Ok, it’s sebaceous glands.

{Miss Ruari… almost 7 months}

So, little Miss Laureli was born with a mark on her left cheek. At first the doctors just assumed it was baby acne and said that it would go away. A few weeks later, it didn’t change a bit and she still had the little mark.

{Ruari at 3 weeks old}
She’s about to turn 7 months old (on the 18th) and she still has the mark. The pediatrician finally suggested we take her to the dermatologist to really figure out what it is because no one else knew. Turns out it’s a grouping of sebaceous glands (sebaceous glands: are microscopic glands in the skin which secrete an oily/waxy matter, called sebum, to lubricate the skin and hair of mammals.). I guess while she was forming in the womb her body just produced a few more glands than she needed… which pushed them up on to the surface of her skin.

As she grows the glands will grow with her. Getting larger as she grows older. I didn’t really notice it until I compared these photos: It has grown. The doctor said there is a 1% chance that it could turn cancerous as she gets older. Which brings us to… do we get it removed? Of course, this wouldn’t happen till after she’s 2 or 3… but, do we let her get old enough to decide? Or, do we just say: screw it! She’d want it removed. We decide!

The rundown:
It will get larger. There’s a very tiny chance it could turn cancerous. AND, let’s be honest: kid’s can be mean. I don’t want her to be teased about it. BUT, maybe she’d eventually feel that it is a part of her and she wouldn’t want it removed. Hmmmm… Oh, and yes I’d love to read your opinions. 🙂

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  • Renee on said:

    That's a toughie, but I think I would go ahead and have it removed. Even though it's a tiny chance it could turn cancerous, I just don't think I would want to risk it. Plus it isn't like removing it would be that big of a deal and she won't ever remember. Good luck with whatever you decide!!!

  • Jenna on said:

    I don't think I'd take the chance of getting cancer. It wouldn't be a big deal to remove them since she probably wouldn't even remember. It's you call of course, but That just what I think! Good Luck!

  • allie on said:

    i agree with jess in that kid's can be so cruel. we're kind of going through the same decision process with H right now, boy related matters though 😉 it's so hard when you just want to do the right thing but you don't know what's best!

  • Shawntae on said:

    I'd remove it. Kids are brutal and find anything to tease another kid about. So if you remove it she might have a tiny scar? Which is fine kids have scars. No teasing there and if it "might" be cancerous i'd remove it anyways.I think if you waited till she was older she'd probably wonder why you didn't do it in the first place. Good luck!

  • Allison @ I heart Ch on said:

    Of course that's up to you but I was born with a mole on my stomach that my mom decided to have removed when I was 6 because there was a small chance of it becoming cancerous. Did I care then? No. Do I care now? Not really. But I do remember showing people my super cool scar growing up. Not to mention I alwasy won that "guess which of these three things is true" game by saying "I've had cosmetic surgery."I would think that she'd probably want that removed as she gets older anyway. Go with your Mommy gut!

  • Leah on said:

    I think you should get it removed. I like to think of Enrique Englaseas and the mole/birthmark he had on his cheek (do you remember it?). He had it removed and I think it made him a better singer. Long story short- my vote is remove it.

  • It's a beautifu on said:

    Hmm… that's a tough one. If it were me, I would probably go ahead and get it removed – just to be on the safe side. I think if she was old enough to decide for herself, she'd probably make the same decision? Just my opinion though. Whatever you decide to do, best of luck! 🙂

  • Christy on said:

    That's a tough one. When Tyler was born he had a very large {half golf ball sized} hemangeoma on his right forearm. It was purple and red and very obvious. The minute I saw it I fell in love with him that much more <3 The doctors said surgery was an option but that it wouldn't hurt him. I said no way to the surgery. Your case is a little different because of the chance of cancer, that's definitely something to consider. What does your mommy instinct tell you? I don't know if I could handle Tyler going under for surgery 🙁 But if it meant lessening his chance for cancer, I'd probably do it. Waiting till she can decided is a nice idea. She'd probably appreciate that, too. Good luck! By the way, Tyler's birthmark is flat now and the skin is transparent! I can see inside his arm, it's neat! It's wrinkly like old man skin <3 It makes him unique just like Ruari's makes her unique! <3

  • Mrs. Grant on said:

    Again…don't know if you are looking for opinions or not but seriously think of all the things that can turn into cancer or can cause cancer or is cancerous. There are a lot. If that is what concerns you to the point that you cannot sleep at night, then there are probably a lot of other things that you will "remove" from her life to protect her. If it is for looks, then that is something you need to wait until she can decide. IMO.

  • Jess Craig on said:

    i don't know if you're looking for other people's opinions, but! i'd just have it removed. she'll probably be happy that you did. kid's are mean.

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