Sort-of competitive… Vote for me and the babe?

{Vote for me?}

Ok, I’m only Sort-of competitive. What I mean is: I LOVE to win… but, I also want everyone else to win too! Crazy in the head.

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So, the numbers have been reset over at Top Baby Blogs and I want to get to the top page! You may vote for me, if you’d like. I’d love you forever. And, they only reset it like every 3 months… so, I’ll only bug you guys every 3 months!!! 😀 Or, if I have more contests to win. hee…

I’d like for you to get there too! Let me know in a comment if you’d like me to vote for you too. Sharing the love. Awww….

Short post today. I’ve been really behind catching up on my blog reads. I’m missing it! I will be spending my time enjoying all of you today… And, bouncing a baby… and, maybe eating something somewhere in there…. and, maybe a walk if it’s nice. 😀

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I’m also linking this up for Sweet Shot Tuesday’s. 🙂 I really love this photo. She’s always putting stuff in her mouth.
Sweet Shot Day

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  • Rachelle on said:

    voted! Good luck

  • krissilugbill on said:

    Lila and I voted for you 🙂 because your blog rocks 🙂

  • Susan on said:


  • allie on said:

    Voted for you. Duh!

  • Jess Craig on said:

    i voted. 🙂

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