Photo overload: Lovely weekend

Mike and I headed over to Bellingham, WA to visit his family for a couple of days. We went to the farmer’s market, enjoyed Ski to Sea, and had a nice little break. Here’s an explosion of photos. Please feel free to link up your Memorial Day weekend post below. 🙂

{Angus and his treat}

{Baby (23 weeks) lounging at the farmer’s market}


{Organic veggies}

{Super tasty cupcakes}

{Looks a little like doo doo…. but, man it was tasty! Chocolate peanut butter.}

{Feeding herself}

{Some tasty coffee}


{New baby}




{Who’s there?}

{Got a picture of Mike!}

Mike’s aunt thought the bow headband I had on Ruari last time was WAY too girly. SO, she got her a little toddler Mariner’s hat. She looked so cute! But, I still love the girly bows!




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  • Yellow House on said:

    How funny that you came to WA and I went to OR! I love her Mariner's hat!

  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    omg @ the towering cupcake of chocolate goodness.

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