• Faith on said:

    ha! I posted it too just the other day 🙂 EVERYBODY at my house loves it!

  • Joni on said:

    I love it! I posted this a few weeks ago too but I enjoy seeing it over and over. They have totally sold me a Toyota Sienna. Just got to save up the money and trade in my Odyssey. 🙂

  • The Paper Mama on said:

    Allie, that's was very funny! Thanks for sharing!

  • Faith on said:

    I voted for you – because you are just that coolHey! The theme for my photo challenge today (and tomorrow) is self-portrait which I thought would be easy-peasy for you!

  • allie on said:

    Love this! Posted this on Jess' site too but this totally reminded me of this video which is also pretty funny: />(New Dad State of Mind)

  • The Momma on said:

    I totally want a Sienna now!! WORD!

  • Christy on said:

    That is hilarious! I'm so not that cool!

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