Flashback Friday: Angus in a light tent

I totally forgot I took these photos! Probably because a couple days after I took them I found out I was pregnant and then began the 24/7 nausea through 16 weeks… ugh… 🙂

{Angus= at 3 years old}

So, I had purchased a photo light tent for my Etsy shop (totally a wonderful purchase by the way… here’s the one I bought… and make sure you get “daylight” fluorescent bulbs.) and Angus is so tiny he fit in it. And, since I’m such a good puppy mommy I thought he should get his photo taken in it. 🙂

{Angus= at 3 years old}

{Angus= at 3 years old}

{Angus= at 3 years old}

{Angus= at 3 years old}

He didn’t really like it, but I got some cute photos. 🙂

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  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    Heeee, so cute!! I'll have to show these pictures to Charlie tomorrow. Puppy dogs are his very favorite things (next to trucks and cars, and drive driving). He'll be in LOVE with the computer screen.

  • Anika on said:

    Ohhhmyyy, I am gong to have to get a tent just to put my cat in there! TOoo cute!!

  • Garret J...3G Racing on said:

    Is that a dog or a rat?? …. Just kiddin!;)

  • Whimsical Creations on said:

    What an adorable doggie!!

  • Tirah on said:

    Those are darling! What a cute pup you have.

  • AlyGatr on said:

    Light tent…sigh. I want one 🙂 I tried making one and it was a total failure. Of course, I also need a better camera and some lights!Angus is a cutey. It looks like he made himself pretty comfy!

  • Chana on said:

    Cute kid AND a cute dog! You have such a charmed like girlfriend! This is just too sweet! And I'm loving your new look over here:)

  • Marvelous Mommy on said:

    Aw he's so cute!

  • The Mommy on said:

    Gosh, Iove all the shots:)

  • Faith on said:

    aww. I especially love the ast one 🙂

  • Lacey on said:

    Those are some GREAT shots! I especially love the 4th one – where he is looking at the camera. I'd have to enlarge and canvas the crap out of that one! 🙂

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