Blogger awards from Simplicity and Beka

How lovely. 2 awards in 2 days. Thank you SO much ladies. I received and Awesome blogger award from Faith at Simplicity and a Your Going Places award from Beka at Hold on love…

So, I’ll start with the Awesome blogger award… from Faith at Simplicity

10 random things about me…

1. Ummmm… yeah, I drink like 3 cups of green tea in the morning. Caffeine!@!#$!
2. I went to school for interior design
3. I make and sell paper crowns and cards here: Paper Lady Invites (shameless advertising ; ) ).
4. It breaks my heart every time I see news clips on the Gulf. Especially the animals covered in oil. 🙁
5. My blog is constantly changing… I think I like the way it looks now.
6. The best books ever are Harry Potter. They came out when I was about 14. Loved them ever since.
7. The first time I had ever heard of blogging: On the radio in Seattle, 2004. A lady had gotten caught writing about an affair with her boss and other naughty things she was doing. I thought, “Who would want to write about their life online?” Pfft, then I discovered Myspace… Then my blog… Then Facebook… Then my pregnancy forum…. 🙂
8. I would like a new camera. Bad! Really bad!
9. Right now my favorite show is: True Blood.
10. I dream of traveling. A Lot!

I’m supposed to pass this on to 10 people… But, I only have a few more minutes before Ruari wakes up from her nap. I need to clean a little. 🙂

Roxana at Cositas Bellas.
Kelsey at KB Squared.
Courtney at Love Love.
Rice Babies

On to the Your Going Places… from Beka at Hold on love…

Well, I guess I’m supposed to write about where I’ll be in 10 years…. Hmmmm…. I do like lists, so here’s a list. 🙂

– I will be 37. Oh man. I’m suddenly feeling very anxious.
– I will have a 10 year old. Oh, there it is again!
– I MIGHT have another kid or 2…. Need to decide if it’s a risk on my life or not. That’s a whole other story.
– I will own a flying car.
– My house will be larger than 900 square feet. WITH AIR CONDITIONING!
– My business will be doing VERY well. Paper Lady Invites (more shameless advertising ; ) )
– I will have an amazingly beautiful camera that does everything from taking lovely photos to talking.
– I will have been working out consistently for 10 years. 😀
– I think I should have a maid. I don’t like cleaning.
– AND, that’s all I can think of.

Again, 10 more people… but, I’m running out of time. So, here’s a couple.

Oh, baby’s awake. Happy Friday! AND, thanks again ladies!

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  • CourtneyKeb on said:

    Hey Pretty Momma!Thanks for passing an award on to me, such an honor! Have a great weekend!

  • Yellow House on said:

    I love your current blog look! The red is great! Yikes… in 10 years, I will be 37 also and my current students will be turning 21. That is crazy! Oh well, we will be having fun flying in our flying cars!

  • Faith on said:

    great lists!! ha! a maid? Don't worry by then there will be an app for that (lol)

  • beingzaraandzidan on said:

    hey congrats!

  • Natalie on said:

    Congrats on your awards! I used to think the same thing about "who would put that stuff out for all the world to see on a diary?". Um, well, my thoughts on the issue has changed 😉

  • beka on said:

    I LOVE your 10 years list. 😉 The maid sounds good. I need one. Oh, yes. Green tea rocks!Interior Design, huh? Sweet!

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