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Congrats to Christy from Skinned Knees! We LOVED the Sleepy Tyler photo. I love the angle and I love that you can still see a blurred sleeping face in the background. I really like the lighting as well. Please visit her blog. She’s super sweet and has some beautiful photos! You are one step closer to the vote off that will start in one week!

Wow! Another amazing week of photos. I’d like to give a couple shouts out to some photos that were very close… The Freebird Photoblog, Scarlett, Philip Mandy Benett, and Twenty Little Toes. ALL of the photos were wonderful! I LOVED all those sleepy babes (and pup!). Thank you so much for participating everyone! I hope these challenges really inspire you to get out those cameras and get clicking!

Do you want to edit your photos but don’t want to buy a program? Last weeks winner uses a free program called Gimp. Try it out, play with your photos!

Christy: Sadly, there are no prizes this week. Just the excitement of winning! 😉 Feel free to grab a “fact: I’m awesome” button below. Because: you ARE awesome! And, thank you SO much for participating!

The Paper Mama awesome button

Please check out this weeks photo challenge: “Talented!

Guess what…. after 4 challenges there will be a week long vote off of the winners from the 4 previous challenges… The winner of the vote off will get a small prize! 0 more challenges to go after this next one…

Winners so far:
– Three: … Little Mochi
– In the sun: … K.B. Squared
– Sleepy: … Skinned Knees …
– Talented: … no one yet…

If you have an Etsy shop and would like to give away an item as a prize… please drop me a line! I ♥ sponsors and will show your shop some love for your contribution. 🙂

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  • Christy on said:

    thanks everyone! yall are sweet <3

  • Yellow House on said:

    Great choice!!!

  • krissilugbill on said:

    i love this photo! so cute 🙂

  • Little Piece Images on said:

    I loved that photo right away! Great job and congrats!

  • Faith on said:

    SO cool! Love the shot too. Sorry I forgot to enter this week, bummer. I'm on it for next week!!

  • Christy on said:

    How cool! You totally just made my day Chelsey 🙂 I'm known for grabbing my camera whenever Tyler falls asleep, it's just too cute really! Thanks so much! <3

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