Ruari’s first food

{Ruari at 22 weeks}

Sunday we tried out “real” food with Ruari. It went well! I think she liked it… It was so messy I’m not even sure she swallowed anything. We tried it again Monday and she loved it. I guess we’ll keep trying. 🙂

{Rice cereal}

We had purchased a small box of cereal so we could try it out. Just need to mix in some breast milk:


Check the consistency….

{Looks about right}

Then feed baby:

{That was messy!}

I didn’t actually use the spoon to feed her. We had a suggestion from a fellow mom blogger, Courtney at Love Love, to use my finger to feed her. Seemed to really work! I tried a baby spoon and she started to cry… :s

{Distracted easily…}

We’ll keep trying out the cereal for a while and maybe try some other goodies as well! 🙂


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  • Faith on said:

    good for you! this phase is SO messy!! Hopefully she'll love her baby food 🙂

  • Chelsea Robbins on said:

    those pics are hilarious. i pureed food for conrad up until he was about 8 months. it's the best. I didn't put breast milk in it though-formula for him, breast milk in the bottles! He seemed to waste a lot of his food spitting it out-so i figured i'd waste the formula and not the valuable boobie milk. goodness, those eyes. she's soooo gorgeous.

  • Chels Allred on said:

    cute spoon!!!!the first solids are so fun! and messy.

  • Chana on said:

    I think I'm going to have to go to the chiropractor for my broken neck now that I've watched that sideways video 15 times! Haha! She is too precious! What a fun new step for you guys!

  • ♥Cari♥ on said:

    Those beautiful blue eyes get me every time!

  • Adriana on said:

    adorable pictures!

  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    hahaha, oh little girl, its good stuff, give it another try 🙂 I remember the morning I fed Charlie his first cereal. He kept making an icky face, with every bite, but somehow I managed to get him to eat the entire bowl.

  • Yellow House on said:

    She is just so beautiful! I love the photos you took. Such a special memory!!

  • melissa d. on said:

    hi-larious! she it too cute, even with food in her eye ;)my littles liked these super flimsy floppy rubbery spoons by gerber when they first started.

  • beka on said:

    Oh, goodness! Looks like fun!

  • Lauren on said:

    these pictures are so stickin adorable!!! I just went through this situation about 2 months ago … now we are trying new flavors!!! ha ha its an adventure to say the least and diner with a new food eater is always exciting!!!Good luck!!! and again beautiful pictures!!!

  • Philip and Mandy on said:

    Oh my word, she is too cute. Good luck with the solids!.. I'm sure it'll get a little less messy in time 🙂

  • CourtneyKeb on said:

    She certainly looks satisfied! I just think when you get to start feeding your baby solids it's so overwhelmingly exciting. I mean they get to be a part of the family around the table around supper time, and it just feels so right!Glad the first feedings are going to well!

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