Product Review: Burts Bees Baby!

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We have been using the Burts Bees Baby products on our soon to be 5 month old for almost 4 months now. We received two different gift baskets of these baby items as baby shower gifts… so we we’re set!

{Burts Bees baby oil: on Amazon}

The packs I received came with Baby Oil, Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion, Baby Dusting Powder, Baby Diaper Cream, and a Baby Comb (this doesn’t really work for my little baldy!). We really enjoy these products. I’m a HUGE Burts Bees fan. I always make sure I have some Burts Bees Lip Balm with me.

{Love the diaper cream!: on Amazon}

We’ve had a chance to use each product multiple times with the exception of the dusting powder and the comb (I have a bald baby). Both gifts came in a basket that we reused and now use them to hold diapers. Nice!

{Basket that came with the gift: now holds diapers!}

Why I love it:
– Smells great! Seriously: Each item smells great! Even the diaper cream!
– Easy on baby’s skin: and my baby has some sensitive skin. We can’t use any wipes on her that contain chemicals. Immediate diaper rash!
– The oil is great for cradle cap. Ruari had some cradle cap that we wanted to get rid of without any chemicals. We just applied this to her scalp… let it sit for a couple hours and it really loosened up the cradle cap. Her hair really started to grow after that!
– Diaper cream works! It cleared up a diaper rash in one day! AND, it smells good! No mediciny smell.
– All their products are: Paraben Free, Sulfate Free (SLS-free), Petrochemical Free, and Phthalate Free
– Cute packaging… I know: silly. But, really cute packaging!
– The company has a commitment to the environment. Check it out.

– The products are not 100% natural. But, that’s really hard to find these days anyway. Each item clearly posts what percentage natural they are. It ranges from around 95% – 99% or so.
– The diaper cream instructions are not very clear. Yes, this is a strange downside… but, I’m a first time mom that has MANY questions. Do I need to rub it in till it’s not white? How many days should I use it? Etc…
– The oil came in a very tiny bottle. But, we found that if we just put a little oil on a cotton ball it goes a long way!
– The dusting powder came in a very small package. I haven’t used it though. So no biggy! 😉
– A little spendy. Ours were free gifts, but when we replace it will be a little expensive. But, you are paying for a product that is mostly natural.

{Ruari and Mike after a bath. 2.5 months}

Yes: I recommend this product. Of course, each person is different and may not feel the same way. But, this mama loves this product. I’d suggest buying a sample set to start out. It’s not too expensive and if you don’t love it: You don’t have a years supply to go through! 😉


Note: Hello my readers. I was not paid to do this review. I am just providing an opinion to help any decision making on purchasing this product. They are just opinions and each individual may feel differently. Thanks soooo much for reading! I hope my opinions help!

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  • LeAnna on said:

    Love their baby line! I'll have to remember that about the oil for cradle cap, my son had that so I'm sure the new one might have issues too. We buy ours from a whole foods co-op so we get it much cheaper, which is great! Ooohh, I just can't wait to sniff a newborns noggin again. 🙂

  • beka on said:

    Oh, we love Burt's Bees for nearly anything:) Love the smell of the baby stuff, too:)

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